building on Red Hat EL v 5

Randal, Phil prandal at
Wed Oct 17 20:03:49 IST 2007

Auto-updates was one of my concerns.

But there is still the issue of which is the right approach?  Update config files saving a copy of the originals, or not updating and requiring a manual process?

Maybe we should have a poll of how many on this list install and run the upgrade scripts without batting an eyelid?

I certainly do.  And surely it would be worth investing a bit of time (if that's needed) to make the upgrade process simple and "fool" proof?

There was an issue of the upgrade_languages_conf not creating a file if nothing changed, resulting in a bit of a disaster if there wasn't already a file and you blindly copied over languages.conf.



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Can't we echo a message saying "Don't forget to upgrade your config and 
but then again some people run auto-updates :(

Would it break anthing if we force ran them in the %post of the rpm and 
keep a .rpmsave/timestamp of the config files.

I'm interested in this discution as I'll be pushing rhel clone to 
production soon and i hate to keep -devel packages installed on my machines.


Randal, Phil a écrit :
> Hugo,
> I think it's time to repeat my original concerns about putting
> MailScanner on rpmforge.
> I'm not against it at all, it's a fab idea, but....
> Users will expect (and in my opinion rightfully so) "yum update" to do
> the right thing.  That is, update MailScanner and any dependencies and
> restart MailScanner.
> Now, at the moment we have two obstacles to that:
>   upgrade_MailScanner_conf and upgrade_languages_conf.
> I for one would vote for the default MailScanner install doing this
> automatically and creating .rpmsave copies of the previous .conf files.
> Comments anyone?
> Phil
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> Julian Field wrote:
>> But they are needed on things other than RHEL5.
>> What's the best way of detecting RHEL5 and all its clones?
> $ cat /etc/redhat-release
> CentOS release 5 (Final)
> I have just asked if anyone is working on MailScanner for rpmforge. If
> no one is doing so I will give it a shot.
> Hugo.
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