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Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at
Thu Oct 11 15:50:37 IST 2007

hvdkooij at a écrit :
> Jan Agermose wrote:
>> Im having some problems with danish special chars that are sometimes
>> "changed" during the scanning process. I've prob. set the wrong char
>> encoding of the server or something. Im sure I read somewhere to set
>> something like this, but now I cannot find it anywhere. 
>> Running centos4.5, installed mailscanner using rpm.
> Jules wrote about this in his book. What have you set your Language
> settings to? If it contain UTF-8 in there then you may have found a
> possible cause.
> Hugo.

My newest MS servers run with LANG=en_US.UTF-8 without any problems.  I 
just made sure I installed MS, Clam and SA with LANG=C.

Most ham we receive is in French and we don't have any problems with 
contents being "changed" by MS.


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