ms, sanesecurity, clamd and freebsd

Mikael Syska mikael at
Tue Oct 9 00:32:49 IST 2007


Thanks for the help both ...

René Berber wrote:
> This works with regular sed:
> clam_db_dir=`"$clamscan" --debug "$test_file" 2>&1 | \
>                sed -ne 's/\/$//; s/^.*oading databases from\(.*\)$/\1/p' | head -1`
> Since only the L in loading is capitalized in the output, getting rid of the i
> flag and that letter does the job.

Well, I just hardcoded the path now ... there seem to be some problems 
with a traling " " space infront of the path ... like " /var/db/clamav"

Its now downloading fine ... but there seem to be some problems 
importing the signatures ... havent search the web yet, as I'm on the 
way to bet now, just wanted to say thanks for the help ... very apriciated.

Output from the log:
Oct  9 01:28:22 spam02 sanesecurity[97025]: Error executing command 
<<</usr/local/bin/clamscan --quiet -d 
/tmp/sanesecurity.XXXXXXXX.mfr7015O/test.file>>>, exit status: 50, 
output: <<<LibClamAV Error: hex2int() translation problem 
(109)\nLibClamAV Error: cli_loadhdb: Malformed MD5 string at line 
1\nLibClamAV Error: cli_loadhdb: Problem parsing database at line 
1\nLibClamAV Error: Can't load 
/tmp/sanesecurity.XXXXXXXX.mfr7015O/MSRBL-SPAM.hdb: Malformed 
database\nERROR: Malformed database>>>
Oct  9 01:28:22 spam02 sanesecurity[97031]: ClamAV had a problem using 
'/tmp/sanesecurity.XXXXXXXX.mfr7015O/MSRBL-SPAM.hdb' (exit status: 50).
Oct  9 01:28:22 spam02 sanesecurity[97037]: We will NOT install 
'/tmp/sanesecurity.XXXXXXXX.mfr7015O/MSRBL-SPAM.hdb' into the database 
Oct  9 01:28:22 spam02 sanesecurity[97045]: Preserving the corrupt file 
as '/var/db/clamav/MSRBL-SPAM.hdb.bad' for you to check.

see you guys later to day ...

// ouT

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