"starter bayes" database

Jan Agermose ja at conviator.com
Sun Oct 7 23:02:36 IST 2007



Im trying to setup mailscanner and spamassassin for the first time. Im
looking for a good guide. I tried the MailScanner book and the install
pages - this does of cause install MailScanner and SpamAssassin and I
can start the services and so on, but it does not really work :-) So im
looking for a -complete- guide. One that would tell me to add lines to
/etc/mail/access and mailertable, allow non-localhost access and so on. 


1) Does such an "complete" tutorial exist somewhere? I cannot be an in
depth description, I know, but the basics? 


Anyway - now I have something running that will accept emails and
deliver non-spam mails. Even with MailWatch :-) But what about this
bayes thing. Ive set it to autolearn but it looks like its not actually
using the bayes database (im not using mysql for the bayes database) and
it looks like this has to do with the bayes database not really having
being trained yet - to little information in the database. 


2) is it possible to download and install a "base bayes database"? The
result of training the database from some sort of standard accepted
training set of spam/ham mail? 





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