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Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Oct 2007, Julian Field wrote:
>> Many thanks for all your work on Blastwave. We are already using it here
>> on some of our web servers, and it has proved to be very useful and
>> timesaving. Thank you!
> Jules,
> May I take from your praise that you are not against MailScanner being 
> added to a repository?
> I think Dag Wiers will be glad to add MailScanner to rpmforge so you 
> have no worries about setting up a YUM repositor. It will allow 
> everyone to do what they do best.
I initially always said no to requests like this, as I liked to keep a 
close eye on download stats (hence my 1 million downloads figure). 
However, MailScanner is getting into more and more distros now, so the 
website download stats no longer represent the number of sites using 
MailScanner in any meaningful way.

So there's not much point in saying no any more, I've lost control 
anyway. So I would be most pleased if Dag would like to add it to his 
repository. If there's anything reasonable that he needs me to do in 
return, I'll do what I can.


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