slightly OT: (WAS: Re: MailScanner --lint doesn't check Eicar virus - OK here!)

Greg Matthews gmatt at
Fri Nov 30 14:14:56 GMT 2007


I dont mean to be rude but could you please sort out quoting on your 
mail client. It makes reading threads much harder when your contribution 
is indistinguishable from other peoples.


Michael Mansour wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> "Randal, Phil" <prandal at> wrote:     Michael,
>  Which version of RedHat are you  running?
>  I'm running Scientific Linux 4.5 (RHEL4 U5), and I see the problem on 6 MailScanner servers, which I'm pretty sure happened after the perl update.
>  I see the problem on CentOS 5.0.
>  It may a side effect of force-installing the perl  update.
>  I didn't force install the update, I just removed two RPM's which were clashing with the pre-built MailScanner ones (because the perl errata already had those perl modules in it) and then did the "rpm -Uvh", it went through cleanly.
>  It would be nice to know what's actually happening and what  the fix is, though.  I'm not a perl guru so it's beyond  me.
>  Yes, I may re-install MS 4.65.3 tomorrow on one of the MailScanner servers and see if it fixes that problem.
> Michael. 
>  Cheers,
>  Phil

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