Too messages in Hold folder when spamassassin is activated in MailScanner

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Nov 29 22:27:12 GMT 2007

on 11/29/2007 2:21 PM Glenn Steen spake the following:
> On 29/11/2007, Israel Garcia <igalvarez at> wrote:
>> Well, I have to tell you I'm continuing with the same problem with too many
>> messages in HOLD folder and a terrible delay (sometimes 1 hour) and because
>> the way my company works it's not allowed to keep messages for more than 10
>> min... I have to remember that when I disable spamassassin in mailscanner
>> everything is fine... There's no dough the cause of my problem is the high
>> traffic in my connection to Internet and SA and DNS timeouts. I was thinking
>> in change  SA for another anti-spam ..I read about Dspam (
>> and I want to ask the list if Dspam can be
>> integrated with mailscanner...Any ideas?
> There's been talk about it, but IIRC there has never been a full ACK
> on it being done.
> There's no chance of upgrading your lines a tad? Or just plain killing
> off all .... non-essential.... communication (like emule:-)?
> Cheers

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you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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