MailScanner --lint doesn't check Eicar virus - OK here!

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Thu Nov 29 07:20:12 GMT 2007

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>Hi Quentin,
>Quentin Campbell <Q.G.Campbell at> wrote:
>	Phil
>	It appears to work here. I get a different result to you:
>This is very strange then.
>This begs the question, in what cases does this --lint fail with the
>Eicar virus check?
>I'm pretty sure I saw the test pass with Eicar in there when I upgraded
>to MailScanner 4.65.3 (not certain but pretty sure), but only recently
>noticed that Eicar was no longer there. This may have happened after
>some perl errata upgrades on Linux recently released by Red Hat.


If have now run 'MailScanner --lint' on all 12 of our MX hosts. The
Eicar virus is detected in all 12 cases. They are all MS 4.65.3-1.

All these systems are RH AS4. They have had an 'up2date -u' applied in
the last two days. On at least some it appears that perl might have been
updated [*].
[*] The /var/log/up2date file is a bit opaque. I do not know how to tell
with certainty whether a particular component of, say, perl 5.8.5 was


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