Black lists and blocked good users - sendmail, SA and MailScanner

Götz Reinicke goetz.reinicke at
Thu Nov 29 06:55:38 GMT 2007


I hope, somewone can point me into the right direction.

Recently I added two blacklist-checks to our sendmail config: spamhaus
zen and the list from the german computer magazin IX.

The good news: Spam has been about 70%-80%, now it is about 20%-30%. The
bad news: A lot of our users have problems sendig mails from there dial
up DSL or mobile phone network connections. I'v looked up there IPs and
all where on the Black lists or the PBL from spamhaus. So was my Arcor 
IP last night :-)

The information from spamhaus is, to use SMTP Authentification 

I thought, we do use TLS and  smtp auth already, so I thought, users 
allowed to log in will be allowd to send. But I got the errormessage 
using Thunderbird 2, that our mailserver didn't support STARTTLS in 
combination with EHLO.

Outlook-users do get the message, that our server didn't support SSL, 
the server error messagt is 250.

I did some hours of googling and checked some sendmail docs, but can't 
find the error or missing config settinges.

So where to start/how to debug this problem? What may I check?

Thanks for any help and hint!

Best regards

Götz Reinicke
goetz.reinicke at

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