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Jim Flowers wrote:
> That's because you're thinking like a decent legitimate Internet user.  If I'm
> a spammer I don't bother with that.  I query for the MX record for domain.tld
> and put both addresses into my handy dandy distributed spam sender (possibly
> converting them to IP addresses first so that I still have them if the A
> record disappears).  I don't worry about 'no stinkin' MX records after that
> (takes too much time), just keep the spam pumping with my list of common or
> harvested usernames @domain.tld and send 'em to both addresses via my 30,000
> zombie pcs.  More than twice the chance of delivery as sometimes lower
> priority servers have less spam protection.  That translates to more revenue
> for me. - and twice as much spam for you to handle.

The exact behaviour is changing over time. About a year ago I would get
most spam delivered to the lowest priority MX server.

Then it wen to the middle one and now it seems to be evenly distributed.


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