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Wed Nov 28 23:12:26 GMT 2007

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 11/28/2007 12:43 PM Ugo Bellavance spake the following:
>> Scott Silva wrote:
>>> Does anybody have a decent mail server stats script (sendmail) that 
>>> shows a daily output of things like;
>>> rbl rejections by list
>>> greetpause and other sendmail related anti-spam data like connection 
>>> throttling
>>> total connection attempts
>>> other useful data that I will think of as soon as I hit send  ;-P
>> Have you tried the latest version of logwatch?
>> Ugo
> The latest stable, yes, but maybe I need to turn up the reporting level.
Im not so good with numbers and graphs turn me on
I also think graphing make it easier to visualize what actually happen 
with your email system instead of
looking at bunch of text & numbers.

I am  using following combination of following software to create my 
graph :
- nrpe
- nagios
- n2rrd
- cacti
- modified ( available from

How I set it up :
- Nagios does monitoring and at the same time it collect performance 
data. So basically it combine 2 jobs into one : monitoring & reporting.
- n2rrd convert the performance data and convert it to rrd which can be 
used by cacti
- cacti provide web interface for graph management which allows you to 
easily zoom in and out of the graph, go to specific dates etc ...

Graph sample :
SMTP connect vs Reject :
Rejected message at SMTP level :
Accepted Message :
Postfix Queue Level :

I have more graph but currently too lazy to upload.  You can modify quite easily to suit sendmail.
Another useful reporting tool that I use is splunk ( ) & 
mailwatch for mailscanner ( ) . 
The latest version of splunk allow you to search logs easily and you can 
create graph with ease.

Rianto Wahyudi

-- adela tirta belek

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