Too messages in Hold folder when spamassassin is activated in MailScanner

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Tue Nov 27 21:36:07 GMT 2007

On 27/11/2007, Israel Garcia <igalvarez at> wrote:
> On Nov 27, 2007 4:01 PM, UxBoD <uxbod at> wrote:
> > So when disabling RBLs the problem disappears.
> No, the problem disapear when I turn off spamassassin completily in
> mailscanner config file. Sometimes I enable Spamassassin check but disable
> razor2, DCC and pyzor in spam.assassin.prefs.conf and it work better.. BUT,
> if I fully enalbe spamassassin with DCC, razor2 and pyzor the load average
> begins to increase and thousands of mails begins comes to HOLD folder .. Do
> you think it's time to split the load in two servers? I mean something like
> this:
>                                  Router
>                       NAT rules to SMTP farm serves.
>                                        I
>                                        I
>        ______________________________
>                 I                                   I
>        Server2 SMTP                 Server1 SMTP
>        Mailscanner/sa                Mailscanner/sa

If the bottleneck is network-related/lookups.... this will buy you
nothing, unfortunately.

> I think I have two problems, to much spam (80% of total emails --> from
> vispan) and my the line 256k/frame relay is FULL.
> Any other ideas?
> Israel

Since the load climbs, you likely have a lot of processes in state D
(count them with a ps.... might give a clue:-)... Which might indicate
slow lookup responses, sure.

You do reject mail for unknown recipients, right? If not, start doing
that... It will ease things;).
You might also consider using a few RBLs at the MTA level, so that you
reject messages that hit them. If you go for that, choose
And look over what ... "RFC strictness" you can enable... and use to
reject junk.
The message you never handle, nor even receive, is the best
performance improvement you can do.

-- Glenn
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