BBB trojan

Richard Thomas richard.thomas at
Mon Nov 26 17:46:40 GMT 2007

Stephen Swaney wrote:
> Heads up. We just started seeing these and they look nasty.
> Subject: BBB Complaint for Elizabeth MeHaffey [Case id:
> #48556fc5ba482c6f07ada256696597e1]
> they purport to be a Better Business Bureau compliant against the company
> and the recipient of the fraud.
> Going to a link in the document downloads an executable that is probably not
> going to be good for your computer.
Saw one today with the following subject:

"Complaint case 044180428. In attention to XXXXX XXXXX"

Where XXXXX XXXXX is the name of one of our senior execs. Attached was a 
.DOC file with what is supposed to look like a PDF inside. Got past 
Trend mail scanning service and MailScanner but fortunately, not the 
cynical exec. Anyone got a good block recipe for these? Can't really 
post the whole email as it has information (Company name [OK, not hard 
to work out]) and the exec's name too.



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