Notifications not being recieved

Ceri cerit at
Wed Nov 21 15:48:07 GMT 2007

Julian Field wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Do your incoming messages have the MailScanner headers in them? If not, 
> then you still have your old sendmail setup running as well as 
> MailScanner, and so all the mail will bypass MailScanner completely. So 
> that is check number 1.
> Does this mean that Nielse Book wholesalers are using MailScanner now? 
> If so, can I add you to my list of users web page please?
> Thanks!

I have checked that the email headers are in the spam I have received so 
it does appear to be going through MailScanner.

You can add Nielsen Book Services to your list of users if you wish.



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