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You probably have a huge bayes_seen like I did. You can safely delete 
this file. It's the bayes_toks that's the important one. You only need 
the bayes_seen data if you ever "unlearn" a message by calling sa-learn 
directly from the command line.

I hit this exact same problem yesterday, see earlier comments in this 


Martin.Hepworth wrote:
> Tried it and my box ground to a halt after 30 mins of trying to do the sa-learn --restore.
> Must be semaphores or something....couldn't even login a the console. Luckily a CTRL-C on the sa-learn brought everthing back.
> My bayes seems to be 330MB so that's kinda large, and the SDBM was growing slowly and had got to 260MB when it all ground to a halt....maybe my 2.8Piv and 1.5GB ram ain't enough ;-)
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>> Julian Field wrote:
>>> I'm testing it out now. If it's as good as it is reckoned to be, how
>>> about I make it the default in new installations? (i.e. change
>>> to use it)
>> SDBM has been criticized (and rejected for several projects) for having
>> a small (1Kbyte or 2Kbytes, depending on where I look) maximum record
>> size.  I do not know enough about the SA database to say whether this
>> will be a potential factor in using SDBM with SpamAssassin, but perhaps
>> someone with more knowledge can use this information.  If we can count
>> on SA always keeping the records smaller than SDBM's max, this sounds
>> like a good way to increase performance.  On the other hand, it's the
>> kind of thing that SA could cause to break with a relatively simple
>> change in what they store in the DB
>> Rick
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