Experimental repository for RHEL 5 / Centos 5

Brendan Pirie bpirie at rma.edu
Wed Nov 21 13:09:07 GMT 2007

Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
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> Scott Silva wrote:
>> Ran this repo today and it gets all requires very well. Installed on
>> X86-64 with no issues. Are there any optional modules that anyone thinks
>> are helpful?
>> I would vote for perl-Mail-ClamAV, perl-Convert-TNEF, and maybe the SPF
>> modules for spamassassin.
> There is not really an optional thing in rpm terms. So if the
> requirement is defined one is stuck with the modules wether one uses
> them or not.
> I am not sure what would be wise here. Perhaps two wrappers instead of
> one. So the current one defines the absolute minimum and a
> mailscanner-wrapper-complete version that will pull in lots of other
> usefull modules as well as the basic wrapper but some of these extra
> modules may never be used depending on the configuration.
> In such case I would also like to describe them briefly. So one can
> discard the outer wrapper and then remove the unneeded modules with a
> small guidance.
> I am thinking along the lines of a text file with entries like:
>  <some MS config option>
> 	Requires: <some perl module>
> Nothing fancy (TM).
> Feel free to think out loud on the matter. I didn't hesitate either ;-)
> Hugo.
Another possibility would be something like MailScanner.rpm for the 
"most common" install options, and MailScanner-extras.rpm for features 
not everyone needs as an additional rpm, instead of packaging 
MailScanner twice.  This would also reduce space on the server and 
bandwidth usage.

Depending on needs/wants/opinions the "extras" could be further broken 
down, such as MailScanner-spf.rpm, etc.. and people could install only 
those extra features/packages they want.

Just thinking out loud (pre-coffee) ;)


P.S.  As a CentOS user myself, I naturally think a MailScanner addition 
to rpmforge is a great idea! :)  (It also gives me another argument for 
MailScanner when discussing MailScanner vs. Amavis with fellow CentOS users)

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