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Drew Marshall drew.marshall at technologytiger.net
Mon Nov 19 17:27:22 GMT 2007

On Mon, November 19, 2007 13:31, Rob Sterenborg wrote:
>>> So, we read and hear a lot of English although our pronunciation may
>>> be horrible. However, there are a lot of words less commonly used
>>> that a lot of people have never heard of and would never use so I
>>> think, as a native English speaker, you'd spot the difference.
>> If we ever meet in person... Your view of my command of the language
>> will degrade pretty fast:-):-). One might know a word intimately, but
>> have never ever heard it pronounced... Makes for some quite hilarious
>> misconceptions/misunderstandings....:-)
> Heheh, you mean something like this? Try it; I think I get most right..
> ;-)
> http://baetzler.de/humor/english_pronounciation.html
> Actually, I think you'd be able to understand me perfectly well, but
> hearing all kinds of accents ("real" English, southern American-English,
> [add your flavour here]) and not speaking the language natively or often
> with others will most probably make ones pronunciation, well, funny, I
> think. :-) Oh well, so be it. ;^P

Thing is you guys would know where to begin and taking Peter's point that Yale
might sound like jail but I wouldn't even know where to begin with most
languages. I can manage a bit of broken Spanish in a Fawlty Towers sort of way.
My grasp of Nordic languages fails just after 'Volvo' and 'Saab'!

Mind you I can understand the drive to learn English. Most dubbed films are just
not there at all. It's quite distressing when you hear Angelina Jolie sounding
like she ought to have chest hair!


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