Minimum hardware capacity for 35k e-mail scans/day

shuttlebox shuttlebox at
Fri Nov 16 09:14:17 GMT 2007

On Nov 16, 2007 12:08 AM, Steve Freegard <steve.freegard at> wrote:
> Hi Jules,
> Julian Field wrote:
> > But when *does* the journal get committed to the Bayes database itself?
> Once per day or when the bayes_journal_max_size is exceeded (default is
> 100Kb) whichever is sooner, or manually via 'sa-learn --sync'.
> In reality I've never had issues with using this.  Bayes is useful when
> it works, but if you have locking issues and your per-message scan times
> are >30 secs because of bayes updates, this makes a massive difference.

If one worries about committing new tokens only once a day one could
just add an hourly cron job with "sa-learn --sync". It typically takes
less than a second to run. Note that "sa-learn --force-expire" which
includes a sync takes a lot longer to run.


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