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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Thu Nov 15 17:22:48 GMT 2007

eclipsem at wrote:
> Then what is the point of all the starting spam checks and starting
> virus scanning log entries, 
> thats fine here on local messages, but does not answer the main issue
> we have on our script generated messages where it does in fact add
> the headers to the email and clearly ignores the whitelists  

You're probably long gone now, but I'll throw in my $.02 anyway.  If I'm
on the right track, it may be instructive for others.  If I'm not, maybe
someone will correct me and that will be instructive for me and others.
Everyone wins.  Well, except you, since you're long gone. ;-)

I suspect that the log entries are due to the flow of MailScanner.  It
processes things in batches.  It may be a batch of one if there's only
one message in /var/spool/, or many more.  It doesn't know
whether a message is whitelisted or not until it examines it but since
it may be opening a batch of messages at once, it creates the log entry;
the entry refers to the batch process, not the individual message I
suspect.  Only when it has looked at that particular message does it
know that it's whitelisted.  That happens after the previous entry has
already been written syslog.

Now, mind you, I'm not the author of the code.  Matter of fact, I've
never even looked at the code beyond the conf file.  Homey don't do
perl.  Wish I did, but I'm old and cranky and would rather be out in my
shop woodworking in my spare time at home and don't have time at work to
learn it.  Nevertheless, with my simple understanding of the process
flow in MS I think the above could likely be the culprit.  Could be way
off base too.  All I can say for sure is my advice is worth at least
what you paid for it. <g>


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