New installation configuration question.

Owens, Jerry jerry.owens at
Thu Nov 15 17:11:30 GMT 2007

I have just built an Ubuntu server to process my personal mail. I installed it using a guide at: The setup is using postfix and courrier to process mail. I installed and configured these and verified that I could send myself a test message. I then installed MailScanner using apt-get which installed version 4.46.2-3. I configured mailscanner to work with postfix from the using postfix page in the mailscanner documentation. All my mail is coming into /var/spool/postfix/hold and sitting. It is not getting delivered to me. Would this likely be a configuration issue with mailscanner or postfix? Here are the canges I made.

How to Set Up Postfix for MailScanner Use

1.	Install Postfix version 2 and get it all working. 
2.	Stop Postfix using a command 
	postfix stop 
3.	Make sure you have the chroot jail set up in /var/spool/postfix. You should be able to see "etc", "usr" and "lib" directories inside /var/spool/postfix). If you haven't got the chroot jail setup already, then look in the "examples" directory of the Postfix documentation and you will find a script in there to set up it up for your operating system. If you can't find that, then see the "Problems or Errors" section further down this page. 
4.	At this point, things change from the setup for other MTAs as we can make it run with just one copy of Postfix, and let Postfix do the "split MTA" setup for us. 
5.	In the Postfix configuration file /etc/postfix/ add this line: 
	header_checks = regexp:/etc/postfix/header_checks 
6.	In the file /etc/postfix/header_checks add this line: 
	/^Received:/ HOLD 
	The effect of this is to tell Postfix to move all messages to the HOLD queue. 

How to Set up MailScanner for Use with Postfix

In your MailScanner.conf file (probably in /etc/MailScanner or /opt/MailScanner/etc), there are 5 settings you need to change. They are all really near the top of the file. The settings are 

     Run As User = postfix
     Run As Group = postfix
     Incoming Queue Dir = /var/spool/postfix/hold
     Outgoing Queue Dir = /var/spool/postfix/incoming
     MTA = postfix

You will need to ensure that the user "postfix" can write to /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming and /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine: 

    chown postfix.postfix /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming
    chown postfix.postfix /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine

If you upgrade your copy of MailScanner, unfortunately these directories will be changed back to being owned by root, so you will have to do those 2 commands again. 

Starting It All Running

If on a system installed using the RedHat RPM distribution, just use the init.d script to do it all for you: 
/etc/rc.d/init.d/MailScanner start 
(or on RedHat systems just service MailScanner start) If not using the RedHat RPM distribution, then 

1.	Start Postfix 
	postfix start 
2.	Start MailScanner 


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