Mailscanner MCP Problem

Phil viralert at
Thu Nov 15 08:55:36 GMT 2007


I had the same problem.

my conf file was :

   MCP Checks = yes
   First Check = mcp

changing it into:

   MCP Checks = yes
   First Check = spam

I solved the problem, thanks to the guy here on the mailinglist :)


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> Hi,
> apologies if this should have been directed elsewhere...
> I'm trying to implement MCP in Mailscanner 4.62.9 (also using Sendmail
> and clamd).
> All is OK when the incominmg message is not matched by MCP rules.
> If the message is MCP matched and the rule is 'deliver' (without quotes)
> then the message seems to disappears into a back hole. This seems
> irrespective of whether it matches any spam or virus rules in subsequent
> checks (MCP is first check). If I have a mailscanner (Mail archiving and
> monitoring) rule setup for a user that says to deliver locally (the
> default) and forward to an external address the deliver disappears into
> a black hole but the forward to external address part works.
> any help or pointers would be appreciated.
> Regards
> Rob Kettle
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