Mailscanner MCP Problem

Rob Kettle rob at
Wed Nov 14 14:31:34 GMT 2007


apologies if this should have been directed elsewhere...

I'm trying to implement MCP in Mailscanner 4.62.9 (also using Sendmail
and clamd).

All is OK when the incominmg message is not matched by MCP rules.

If the message is MCP matched and the rule is 'deliver' (without quotes)
then the message seems to disappears into a back hole. This seems
irrespective of whether it matches any spam or virus rules in subsequent
checks (MCP is first check). If I have a mailscanner (Mail archiving and
monitoring) rule setup for a user that says to deliver locally (the
default) and forward to an external address the deliver disappears into
a black hole but the forward to external address part works.

any help or pointers would be appreciated.

Rob Kettle

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