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eclipsem at eclipsem at
Wed Nov 14 00:14:52 GMT 2007


I would like to have something clarified about scan rules.

# If this is set to yes, then email messages passing through MailScanner
# will be processed and checked, and all the other options in this file
# will be used to control what checks are made on the message.
# If this is set to no, then email messages will NOT be processed or
# checked *at all*, and so any viruses or other problems will be ignored
Scan Messages = /opt/MailScanner/etc/rules/scan.rules

This file contains -

From:                        no
From:                          no
FromOrTo:       default                       yes

These are the IP's of the local server, now I have a script that generates emails upon email to sales department, to other sales reps, it is a new generated message, not forwarded as it contains some SQL content. The thing is MailScanner still wants to scan the message when its submitted.

I also have these IP's in -
Information Header = /opt/MailScanner/etc/rules/header.rules     (in case we take them out of all scanning rules at later date)

Could this settings be countermanding the "no scan"  rules?

Also we strip out some Exchange headers in MailScanner using "Remove These Headers"  this works very well, except we turned off Spam Checks, for a bit trying to debug the above problem , and we noticed
that MailScanner stopped removing that header but yes all the other scan rules were still active?


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