Errore when I try update perl on centos 4.5

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Sun Nov 11 00:41:43 GMT 2007

Hi Hugo,

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Michael Mansour wrote:

> The thing which I found odd though is that the RPM's that the perl RPM's
> clash with are the ones that were built by the MailScanner scipt.
> It was always my understanding that when MailScanner finds the perl
> module installed, it wouldn't try and force the build of the MailScanner
> src rpm?

The use of --force pretty much means it will ignore a nuber of things.
So it will override another package.
Yes I realise that, but in the early days when I'd go through (in detail) the output logs of the, I remember seeing many packages not installed (forced or otherwise) because MailScanner determined the perl modules were already installed.

Albiet the last time I went through that output with a fine tooth comb was about two years ago, the MailScanner install script should realise when a perl module exists, it doesn't need to compile a new one.

It makes sense if all this was properly in a repo using rpmforge to avoid these types of duplicate pm's  (I will try the RHEL5 repo on an SL5 VM in about a fortnight from now - but all my MailScanner servers are SL4.5).

BTW, I checked on the Dag site here:

and it seems Dag has been trying to get mailscanner supported for a while, even though I haven't heard anything from him in the rpmforge suggest or users lists.



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