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Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 10/11/2007, Drew Marshall <drew.marshall at> wrote:
>> On 10 Nov 2007, at 00:50, Julian Field wrote:
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>>> Drew Marshall wrote:
>>>> On 9 Nov 2007, at 22:50, R Wahyudi wrote:
>>>>> I did  ..
>>>>> Anyway .. I am still curious to know if this is the default
>>>>> MailScanner - postfix behavior ie : you have to wait for
>>>>> qmgr to respawn to be able to deliver message from incoming queue ??
>>>> Evening all, been far too long since I have posted (Been stupidly
>>>> busy
>>>> :-( )
>>> Glad to see you back!
>> Nice to be back! Mind you I have some reading to do (I didn't really
>> go, just no time to post and only just enough time to read some
>> threads). Hope you are feeling better, Shingles is no fun :-(
>> Drew
> Uh, enlighten a poo Swede, would you... What are "shingles"? Thought
> that'd be a 1930's hair style:-)
It's the same virus pretty much as causes chickenpox in children. It 
travels along your nerves. Most people carry it, it just lies dormant. 
Occasionally it flares up, and causes spots on the skin along the rough 
path of the nerve it has flared up in. It also causes a nerve pain 
(rather like RSI pain) due to inflammation of the nerves (I think).

Wikipedia has an article all about it


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