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Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Nov 8 20:29:03 GMT 2007

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Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>> John Wilcock wrote:
>>>> I would like to do something like: Spam Subject Text = [SPAM
>>>> Add it would result in something like:
>>>> Subject: [SPAM 99/3.50] AW: Co-operation
>>>> Which would allow me, or other users, to know immediatly I do
>>>> not have to feed this one to my bayesian filter because it
>>>> has hit the maximum score.
>>> You can already put the SpamAssassin score in the subject,
>>> using the _SCORE_ placeholder: Spam Subject Text = {Spam?}
>>> {Score=_SCORE_} AFAIK you can't add just the bayes score. In
>>> any case, learning BAYES_99 messages won't do any harm and can
>>> but reinforce the "spamminess" of the tokens concerned.
>> Please RTM first :-) I quote from the MailScanner.conf
>> documentation for the "Spam Subject Text" setting:
> I found them in the new config file (.rpmnew). But because the
> script threaten that I loose my remarks in the config and I want to
> know which settings are deviating from the defaults I update the
> config by hand.
I think someone else has already pointed out "MailScanner --changed"
(or "-c").
> I mark the original lines with #H# so I can find exactly which
> settings are not default and how I did change them over time.
The upgrade_MailScanner_conf (and hence upgrade_languages_conf as well
as they are the same file) has a switch "--keep-comments". As you know :-)
This is there because if I add functionality or more options in a
MailScanner.conf setting, I improve the documentation above the
comment to describe the new values available in that setting. So if
you "upgrade_MailScanner_conf --keep-comments ...." then you don't get
my new documentation.

So by default it is switched off, as not many people add comments to
long config files anyway, apart from to say what they have changed
from the default value; you can find that out anyway with "MailScanner
- -c" as described above. BTW "many people" is based on a straw poll of
the people in my office at the time (i.e. 1). So I may be wrong :-)

Comments attached to a conf setting are the comment lines appearing
immediately above it.

But it does quiet effectively keep down the number of emails I get
asking about things that have been added to the documentation in
MailScanner.conf, which therefore saves me a lot of work quoting .conf
file chunks back at them to answer their questions.

That's why I did it the way I have. If you disagree, I would be quite
interested to hear other suggestions.
> So perhaps I need to ask for a completely different feature. The
> ability to keep comments in the config file by a upgrade so I do
> not have to do this by hand.
> For example if any line staring with #H# (Hugo) or perhaps #J#
> (Jules) or #M# (MailScanner) is just preceding a config line it
> should be kept.
So you want to *just* keep comments that start with (or perhaps
contain) a given string. I would still have to stay with my rule that
the comments attached to a setting appear immediately above it.

Is that what you want to be able to do?

If so, let me think about it, it must be possible, and when I get it
right it is probably about 5 lines of code.


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