MailScanner + Postfix => very slow...

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Apart from upgrading the versions...

Do you reject any mails at smtp level by using blacklists such as spamhaus, spamcop etc? or have you looked at using greylisting and/or reject_unverified_recipient in order to reduce the amount of actual processing of emails?

There's no point accepting and scanning an email if its not a valid address that can be delivered.


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I’m running MailScanner (vers. 4.63.8) with Postfix (vers. 2.2) on Red Hat ES 4.
The system is processing over 200,000 emails per day, BUT most of emails (about 95%) are junk / spam and if queue gets over 10,000 it’s freezes all delivery process.
Are there any parameters that I can tweak to speed-up the delivery process?


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