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Matt Hayes wrote:
> W S wrote:
>> Hi, Im running MailScanner (vers. 4.63.8) with Postfix (vers.
>> 2.2) on Red Hat ES 4. The system is processing over 200,000
>> emails per day, BUT most of
> emails
>> (about 95%) are junk / spam and if queue gets over 10,000 its
>> freezes all delivery process. Are there any parameters that I can
>> tweak to speed-up the delivery
> process?
>> Thanks, --WS
> Wow, you might want to look at upgrading your postfix
> installation.. and there is also a newer release of MailScanner out
> that may benefit you.
> As far as tweaks, not sure.. are you doing greylisting.. do you do
> any RBL checks at the MTA level?  These are things that could
> possibly drop the amount of email your server has to munge through.
> -Matt
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