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Tue Nov 6 09:22:38 GMT 2007

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> > *breaks out the clue stick*
> >
> > Callouts are considered abusive by many servers-- you probably want
> to
> > be VERY
> > VERY CAREFUL about doing this...  Personally I don't run it at all,
> but
> > my spam
> > setup is such that I don't need to...
> Are they talking about sender address verification? The way I read it
> he
> is trying to do the opposite and ask his inbound receiving mailer
> would be a wise thing to do and has nothing to do with callouts. Might
> be wrong though... :-)
> --

Hi, that's exactly what I'm trying to do - I run a server with a generic
public domain with lots of users on it - the domain has been around for
12 years so attracts mucho canned meat of the spam variety.  All I want
mailscanner to do is say to the destination server "hey there, do you
have this address?" before actually sending the message, which would
take some pressure off the spooler on the destination server.

I think it IS working but the gateway is starting the smtp vrfy
transaction with <postmaster> rather than <postmaster at> -
here's the error off the destination machine: "unacceptable mail address
in MAIL FROM:<postmaster>"

I'm running a seperate machine with postfix only and this does use a
postmaster at address for outside smtp transactions, but I can't
find the config to specify what address the postmaster should use - only
that it is an alias of root in /etc/postfix/aliases

Thanks again chaps, the answer is probably blatantly simple but I'm not
seeing it :(

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