rpmbuild not in some fedora 7 installs, install.sh fails

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org
Tue Nov 6 06:43:58 GMT 2007

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Peter Crocker wrote:
> Ok, this one took me quite a few hours to work out. I tried running
> ./install.sh of an RPM install package of MailScanner, and couldn't
> figure out why it was failing. Output of the install.sh script is below.
> I kept getting "--rebuild: unknown option" errors every time the install
> script would try to rebuild the perl modules. I went down at least 10
> different ratholes for hours before I finally figured it out.
> My minimal install of fedora has a /usr/bin/rpm, but not a
> /usr/bin/rpmbuild. And it turns out the "rebuild" portions that used to
> be in the /usr/bin/rpm binary have been moved out, but I guess there's
> still a few hooks for old-school compatibility.

rpmbuild is part of the normal packages and it is the administrators job
to install such requirements. Even on Fedora 8 it is rather simple:

$ rpm -qf `which rpmbuild`

I regard the task of setting up a rpm build environment a task a
sysadmin should be abe to do before (s)he even embarks on a trip like

Having said that I can not recall a distribution that is still
maintained that will not use rpmbuild but use rpm --build instead.


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