Exchange/Outlook Specific Settings?

Fabien GARZIANO fabien.garziano at
Thu Mar 29 10:05:30 CEST 2007

I also use Mailscanner on a box in my DMZ with postfix. I use MailScanner for content checking, and I'm very satisfied with it. 

For rejecting unknown recipients, I've found a very, well hmmm... , not very smart, but it's working.
Everytime I change my user in the AD tree, I make a dump of the Email adresseses with a vb script, generated in a file.
I get it to my postfix/MailScanner box and will use it like my recipients file.

It's not a sophisticated way, but it's working. I can mail you the scripts if you need it Paul.

> de Koopmann, Jan-Peter
> Envoyé : mardi 27 mars 2007 23:41
> À : MailScanner discussion
> Objet : RE: Exchange/Outlook Specific Settings?
> Configure Exchange to reject mails for unknown recipients 
> (possible in Exchange 2003 upwards) and teach postfix to 
> "ask" the exchange server, if an RCPT TO is valid before 
> accepting mail for it. Not sure how this is done in Postfix 
> since I do it with exim but I am sure postfix has some way to do this.

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