Mail conditional filtering and archiving

Rolands Mekss rolands at
Wed Mar 28 19:43:35 CEST 2007


I need to block outgoing messages to speciffic domain for reviewing. So 
for example user sends mail to ripper at, it needs to be 
caught, put somewhere for later inspection and if needed released as it 
is done with quarantine. I'm new to mailscanner, so first idea that i 
have is to craete ruleset and apply it to "Archive Mail" directive so 
these mails are stored somewhere. Also i could use "Reject Message" with 
similar ruleset (though i'll have to manually synchronize them).
    But i have no idea how to allow a reviewer to "release" messages 
that are "safe". "Archive Mail" stores messages in some format, but how 
to "release" them or forward if they are believed to be OK.

   Will appreciate any help. Corrections are welcome if i am wrong at my 
ideas. Thanks!

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