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Res res at ausics.net
Sun Mar 25 10:26:47 CEST 2007

On Sat, 24 Mar 2007, Glenn Steen wrote:

> And that is the reason I dubbed you the evil bunny in the first
> place... An evil bunny we like and respect (well, at least I do:-),
> but still an evil bunny;-):-).

hehehe some don't... but thats their problem not mine ;)

> On the subject, someone (was that Rick? Antoni? don't remember...)
> mentioned SAV not being part of the RFCs, which is technically
> correct...

lets not forget greylist was not part of RFC's once, in fact I only know 
there was a rough draft, cause I have no interest in it I have no idea if 
it was made as an offical RFC or not :) so just because SV might not be in 
one now, doesn't mean it will always not be.

> But basically I'm with the Evil Bunny on this one;-).

wuddy hwell :)


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