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>I need to set up SMTP Auth on a server to allow a roaming user to 
>send mail using one of our  servers. The user will have a dynamic 
>IP. The server is not in the MX lists for our domains.
>I have the sendmail Cookbook, and an older version of the Bat book, 
>but every thing I do seems pointless and doesn't work, as far as I 
>can tell. The cookbook seems to make it sound real simple, and I do 
>get sendmail to acknowedge and advertise DIGEST-MD5 and CRAM-MD5. 
>After that, AuthInfo to the access db, and every thing after seems 
>to avoid the Sasl. I have also started the saslauthd daemon. I have 
>also created the user with the saslpasswd command.
>Does anyone have a good URL for setting up a Centos 3 server running 
>Sendmail 8.13 and the MUA being used by this user, which I think is 
>either Outlook Express or Thunderbird?
>Thanks for any pointers to a good site.

Hello Steve,

It's been a while since I did this myself, but I saved some bookmarks.

These are related:

I hope these help!


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