IP address reputation, BorderWare

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Fri Mar 23 00:00:34 CET 2007

Rick Chadderdon wrote:
> Kevin Miller wrote:
>> If I can spend a nickle to not have to spend a dime it's worth it
>> every time... 
> The problem comes when you start spending my nickles without asking.
> Which is exactly what sender address verification does.
> Rick

It depends on the spam flood.  SMF-SAV caches the lookups, so if the
from address is reused on the inbounds, it only has to do a single
lookup.  If they use a new from username, then yeah, your server gets
pinged multiple times.

But the thing is, if spam is dropped before it is sent, it diminishes
"internet background noise".  You benefit from that, along with
everybody else.  It's an indirect benefit, but quite real none-the-less.
For instance, today I've received over 200 MB of mail.  Borrowing the
87% figure from Chris' original post, that means I'd reject out of hand
around 174 MB of spam.  And I'm small fry.  Don't know how many packets
I injected on to the network but I bet it's in the KB range, not MB

We all pay a little, and receive a greater synergestic common good...

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