IP address reputation, BorderWare

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Thu Mar 22 23:20:32 CET 2007

Chris Yuzik spake the following on 3/22/2007 2:52 PM:
> Denis Croombs wrote:
>> I have always felt that address verification was worse that spammers and
>> will never deal with people who use it.
> Denis,
> That's interesting. Can you explain your position?
> Chris
While I don't think that it is as bad as spammers, it does seem like throwing
gasoline on the fire. Say I get 1000 bad addresses. I have just doubled that
by verifying. If I got one million, now there is 2 million. And you aren't
punishing the spammer. You are punishing the poor server that was spoofed.

There needs to be a smart verifier that does a dns lookup first to see if the
mail even came from a valid ip address for that domain BEFORE it even
considers doing a verify. That would drop a lot of the crap without punishing
poor Mr. Innocent's  server.


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