Changing the Batch size value

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Its Azfar,
		Line ~260 of MailScanner.conf:

Max Unscanned Messages Per Scan = 50
Max Unsafe Messages Per Scan = 50 

During benchmarking I found 50 message batches with "Max Children = 6" to be
the most efficient for my systems (Dell PE1950, 4Gb RAM, 2x Xeon 5110
processors, SAS storage), but only marginely faster.  The ideal value would
be unique to each system, but the default 30 is probably spot on for most.
If your trying to speed up processing - and havent allready, try out
mounting your MailScanner working directory in tmpfs (see

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Where do I change the no of mails per bacth value. Its set on 30 And I want
to change it. BTW whats better loer value or higher or just default value ? 

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