Phishing Filter Question

am.lists am.lists at
Mon Mar 19 14:02:43 CET 2007

I'm currently fighting some usability issues surrounding the phishing filter.

The perfect example to share is Google Alert emails. Every link is
flagged due to the way that the email is crafted. (sample screenshot: )

In reading the phishing filter file, I understand how it works, but
the way Google Alerts works, in particular, and combined with phishihg
sites being updated daily, this seems to be quite a problem. How can I
be more forgiving without losing the functionality? If I turn off
highlighting, how can users still know that there is suspicious (but
maybe harmless) content?

I don't want to lose the functionality and security that this
provides, but I don't want to alienate my users by continually
alerting them to things that are actually harmless.

My settings are:

Find Phishing Fraud = yes
Also Find Numeric Phishing = yes
Use Stricter Phishing Net = yes
Highlight Phishing Fraud = yes
Phishing Safe Sites File = %etc-dir%/

This is MailScanner 4.58.9



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