Report: Denial of Service attack in message!

Neil Wilson neilw at
Fri Mar 16 12:32:30 CET 2007

Thanks for the reply.

Rick Chadderdon wrote:
> That denial of service message can be caused by timeouts while virus
> scanning the email in question.  Is the server heavily loaded?

Sometimes it's the simple things, the server is using over a gig of swap space, so I'm sure 
this is the cause.

Looking in the logs, it's taken over 30minutes to block the message.

Mar 14 14:59:50 MailScanner[6532]: Message 9615852E74.05ADD from...
Mar 14 15:30:31 MailScanner[6532]: Virus Scanning: Denial Of...

Definitely a recourses problem.

Thanks again.



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