MailScanner and Licensing

Peter Russell pete at
Thu Mar 15 01:40:43 CET 2007

Kevin Miller wrote:
> am.lists wrote:
>> I am a value-added hosting provider. That is, I host domains, develop
>> websites, and manage mail for my clients.
>> I've recently come to know the love of MailScanner (with it's usual
>> set of accessories), and have began migrating away from the commercial
>> products we had been using.
>> My question is now what, if anything, am I obligated to do, change,
>> disclose, etc. to stay in line with the spirit and intent of using the
>> software in this way?
>> Angelo
> Pretty simple really:
>   Buy the book. <g>  
>   Follow the list, upgrade in a reasonably timely manner, & chime in
> when you can to help others.
>   Send Julian a postcard.
> And if you really want to reward the architects, buy an appliance from
> Fortress Systems...

...and make a donation - we are not for profit org. But consider we paid 
10k for a CA appliance that simply did not work and was thrown out and 
replaced with MS. We saw the value we were getting made a small 
contribution. If it saves you money, or if it makes you money then you 
can afford a donation.

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