Don't check mail from localhost

Chris Yuzik ITDept at
Wed Mar 14 12:53:07 CET 2007

Arthur Sherman wrote:
> MailScanner still marks them as SPAM.
> More precisely, SA gets cache hit. And all I have is message ID, not the
> message itself, so I can not force sa-learn to forget and re-learn, can i?
> Well, this is probably OT now. Maybe, I better post it to SA list instead.

That's odd. If you check your headers, is it your customized header that 
shows that it's tagged as spam? You don't happen to have spamd running 
on its own, or some sort of milter that does spam checks, do you?

On our system, when a message comes from root, it's whitelisted...hmmm. 
Have you tried simply whitelisting anything from that goes to you?


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