dealing with dictionary attacks

Rick Chadderdon mailscanner at
Fri Mar 9 21:59:16 CET 2007

Res wrote:
> I beg to difer, a recent check of archives shows pf has the most
> problems with MS, and its a well known fact,m even admitted to b ythe
> regular postmix weenies. 
Just for reference, my archives - which are complete from Aug 08, 2005 -
have a count of 3589 posts with the word "sendmail" in the body and 2269
with "postfix".  I made no effort to read all of those posts to rate
their content, but the numbers lead me to think that your comment might
be a bit biased.  Let's just say that people working with *any* mail
server that they're unfamiliar with are going to have questions and
problems for which they will seek help.  This is a great place to find
it, and being helpful even when a post is ostenibly off-topic can only
help MailScanner's popularity.

I don't think that "this topic doesn't belong here" and "your mail
server sucks" replies help anyone, and if one is asking questions about
Postfix+MailScanner, this list is a far better place to look for help
than the Postfix list.  Even if the question seems to relate to just
Postfix, if it even gets mentioned in passing that one is using
MailScanner in a message to the Postifix list, sometimes the entire
thread degrades into anti-MailScanner rhetoric.

As an aside, I've used probably every major Unix mail server over the
last 15-20 years, and a few of the minor ones.  (As well as several on
Windows, a couple of which were quite good.  Exchange doesn't count
among the good ones.)  My current choice is Postfix, for a number of
reasons - none of which make me a weenie.  I know sendmail very well,
although I have to admit to not using it much since I switched to qmail
in 1997-1998.  I no longer use qmail, sendmail, exim or courier for a
variety of reasons.  I don't call people who choose any of those (or
other) servers names, although I could certainly think of some for
people who insist on using either sendmail or qmail.  (Bendmail
weenies?  Nah, too derivative...  :P )


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