dealing with dictionary attacks

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Fri Mar 9 16:21:36 CET 2007

On Fri, 9 Mar 2007, Steve Campbell wrote:

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>> On Fri, 9 Mar 2007, Steve Campbell wrote:
>>> So what do I do with this huge patch I have compiled that fixes it all?
>> I dunno :) since I nor anyone else that I noticed, could reproduce the 
>> problem on linux or slowaris at least.
> Well, ever since I applied the patch here on my servers MailScanner doesn't 
> swap. You don't think one of my assistants published my patch without telling 
> me and you all have been using it, do you?

certainly not :)

Since you were the only one to have the issue, surely if it was not site 
specific others would have noticed the problem.

An issue is not an issue if only one person has the symptoms.

With both sendmail and qmail servers on linux and solaris, processing
millions of messages a day, I, like others have never seen your issue,
not even on my fairly gutless secondary MX which only has a mere 1G ram
of which 512M is reserved for ram drive.


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