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Fri Mar 9 08:38:27 CET 2007

On Thu, 8 Mar 2007, Damian Mendoza wrote:

> Charge a nominal fee for MailScanner usage in a commercial environment,
> increase the price of the book and dump the day job. That should remove
> some stress from your life.

I'm not the 'me too' type. So I have been quiet on the subject for now. 
But I think we should leave decisions like this to Julian himself.

It is one thing to see the friendly shoulderbashing type of remarks of the 
past days. But I think we ought to let serious advise come from those near 

I am sure the intention is good but let the man enjoy his life the way he 
feels it should. I suspect Julian suffers at least as much from a 
'Florence Nightingale syndrom' as I do. Which for me means there is no 
greater joy then to spot a problem and work out a solution.

But I risk becoming to serious here. So don't feel to much larted. 
( It's just me so who cares what I say 

Yeah, I also did overcome my usual snailmail aversion and posted a card so 
Julian can beat the Pope next time be saying 'Get well' in at least as 
many languages as the Pope can say 'Merry Christmas'.

Julian: Get well (or at least better) and never fear to hit me on the head 
for not doing the right thing.


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