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Charge a nominal fee for MailScanner usage in a commercial environment,
increase the price of the book and dump the day job. That should remove
some stress from your life.

Best wishes from Mission Viejo, California



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Rob Poe wrote:
> Get the man his damn laptop, but banish him from even TOUCHING perl
> for a while ...

Who said he wanted his laptop to tackle code???? I noticed that he
logged on to his MySpace page for a long time... so now we know the real
reason he wants his laptop so badly..... :)

Sorry Jules... I couldn't resist. (sheepish grin) But you know... humor
sleep are the best medicine!!! :)

My positive thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and I hope that
your recovery is painless and swift!!!

Take care, and take your time getting better.

Kind regards,

Ken Goods
Network Administrator
CropUSA Insurance, Inc.
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