Increase in Spam getting through today?

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Wed Mar 7 21:03:09 CET 2007

Paul Houselander wrote:
> Hi
> Just a quick one, weve had a massive increase in spam getting through today,
> lots of stock ones, I wondered if anyone else was seeing the same?
> There scoring 0 even though they look very spammy to me.
> There defintly not timing out and im still stopping a large amount of spam.
> I cant figure out if spammers have all of a sudden got very clever at
> bypassing spamassasin or if something is wrong with my filters!
> I use Spamassasin 3.1.7, sa-update, rules_du_jour, fuzzyocr, DCC, Pyzor and
> Razor and Bayes is enabled.
> Ive run spamassasin -t -D < message on several of the messages and DCC is
> firing now (but only DCC), so I know Spamassasin is being run on the message
> but no other rules are being hit!

It is possible the messages are exploiting the vulnerability in 3.1.7. Is there
a reason you've not upgraded to 3.1.8?

Such exploits would probably show up as "spamassassin timed out and was killed"
messages from MailScanner.

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