Good news on Julian Field, and get well cards welcome

DAve dave.list at
Tue Mar 6 15:17:44 CET 2007

Tim Chown wrote:
> Hi all,

Thank you Tim, your time spent to keep us updated was very very much 

> Hopefully not tempting fate by saying there's good news on Julian.  Just
> had a call from his dad at the hospital and he reports that Jules is
> coming round from under the sedation.    They've been lowering the dose
> over the last three days during which he's had no relapses, and this
> morning Jules woke slightly and managed to give a thumbs up sign.
> I saw Jules yesterday afternoon and he was back to a very normal colour,
> was moving his head and had 'REM'-like eye movement, so was looking then
> like he was close to coming round.  
> It will clearly be quite a while before Jules is in any position to 
> use a laptop, but the last three days have gone really well, and we'll
> just need to be patient now as the gently gently recovery continues.
> His parents are very keen for people to send cards now (please, no flowers!)
> and we'll handle these through his work address, so, please, feel free
> to send your 'get well' cards to:
> 	Julian Field
> 	School of Electronics and Computer Science
> 	University of Southampton
> 	Highfield
> 	Southampton SO17 1BJ
> 	United Kingdom

It will be my personal mission to get one out today.


> I'm sure his parents would also be very proud to see a good response;  if
> you've all used Jules' code it doesn't take much by way of thanks to get 
> a card in the post :)
> Also, every message here was printed out and every one was read to him while 
> he was under.   We hope he'll be looking through them in person soon!

Three years now I've asked Google why they don't have a
logo change for Memorial Day. Why do they choose to do logos
for other non-international holidays, but nothing for

Maybe they forgot who made that choice possible.

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