Image spam

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at
Mon Mar 5 15:27:17 CET 2007

Daniel Maher wrote:
>> Kevin Miller wrote:
>>> Can't speak for Steve, but when I finally did it here I saw about a
>>> 30-40% decrease in the number of messages accepted by sendmail.  Had to
>>> add a couple of servers to the access file, but only a couple.  The rest
>>> were zombies as nearly as I can tell.  It's a simple addition with a
>>> huge impact as far as I'm concerned...
>> Kevin,
>> Wow. 30+% is HUGE!
>> Can't wait to get that going here.
> Is there a way to implement this functionality (greetpause) on Postfix?

See sleep under smtpd_client_restrictions, available for postfix > 2.3

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