implementing SPF, which milter?

James Fagan jfagan at
Thu Mar 1 22:46:37 CET 2007

> On Thu, 1 Mar 2007, Chris Yuzik wrote:
> > I understand that I need a milter to implement SPF (we use
> Anyone
> > have any recommendations?
> smf-spf

I used this for a while. The reason I stopped using this milter is that
SO many systems have invalid spf records and some other weird shared IP
That made it more trouble than it was worth and this was nearly
impossible to explain to our customers. Yes, there is a whitelist you
can impliment, but I don't want to have to add <N> domains a day to this

I love the idea of spf, but I don't think there are enough correctly
configured domains to warrant its use. I would continue to let
spamassassin catch them for you. Of cource your experience may be
different then mine.

Good Luck!


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