implementing SPF, which milter?

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Thu Mar 1 20:48:03 CET 2007

Chris Yuzik wrote:
> Kevin Miller wrote:
>> You don't strictly need it - spamassassin will score based on spf.  But
>> it's good to have one.  I'm not yet running SPF on my MTA (need to get
>> to that!) but have been using the smf-sav milter and have been happy
>> with it.  There's an smf-spf milter too.  Might give that one a try -
>> that's what I'll install when I get some time...
> Kevin,
> Thanks for the quick response. I wasn't aware that spamassassin will
> score based on spf; any idea what version this started with?

SPF support debuted in version 3.0.0

You may need to modify init.pre to load the SPF plugin.

You also need to install Mail::SPF::Query and Net::DNS >= 0.34, otherwise SA
wont' use SPF.

> I suppose it would be better to run SMF-SPF, thereby putting less load
> on MailScanner (and friends).

This is true.

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